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Pets and No Pets

I think I have seen it all. My sister owns a 4 family house and she lives in one of the units. She says no pets - she has allergies and does not want pets on the premises. Recently, she was about to rent to a new tenant and they said that no pets rules don't apply to them - they have an emotional support animal.

It's a pig. It's a pot bellied pig, totally indoors.

My sister is freaking out about the idea of a pig living inside the house, and is worried about the other tenants too.

This isnt like a guide dog for the blind. Does she HAVE to rent to this tenant? She is afraid if she doesnt she will be sued - and if she does she will lose tenants and her property will lose value. And she'll have headaches and sneezing all the time.

Adrian       11:42 18 Jun 17


10:17 25 Jun 17

I think your sister has a right to ask for some kind of certification. Like, a note from the doctor who prescribed this.

Its true, with a documented emotional support animal, they dont pay pet rent, arent subject to no pets rules, etc. But check your state laws, there may be something about a landlord making reasonable accomodations. And a pig in a four family house doesnt sound reasonable.


10:25 25 Jun 17

Take a look at our article here:

1-4 family housing owners are exempt. They do not have to do this if there is a no pets rule. But check it out with a local real estate attorney first.


02:17 02 Jul 17

This has gotten insane. Recently one of these yappy uncontrolled animals ruined a meal in a restaurant for me and my family.

I mean, who lets a terrier put their paws on a table in a restaurant? That's not behavior of a service animal.

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